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Baby's Feet


Below you will find more detailed descriptions for each of our areas of service, as well as direct booking links next to each category. For a link to our general bookings page please select the "Book Now" link below or reach out to us directly at 469-714-2474 for more urgent appointment needs!


Lactation consultant Kelsey Zellmer RN, IBCLC Allen, TX. The Haven Co-op. Breastfeeding support and education.

Provider: Kelsey Zellmer, BSN, RN, IBCLC, CBE
Business: Fiat Bodywork & Lactation

Kelsey practices lactation from a holistic approach looking at the mom/baby dyad as a whole. During a consult she will assess reflexes, development, body movement, latch/positioning, feeding behaviors/oral motor function, and the overall wellbeing of mom and baby. As she continues her training in bodywork she also integrates gentle touch therapy into her appointments as well. Each plan of care is individualized to both mom's and baby's needs and mom's overall goals.

Kelsey's areas of experience/specialty include:

  • TOTS (oral restrictions/"ties") & Pre/Post & Guided Frenectomy Care 

  • NICU/Premature Infants & Multiples

  • Bottle Refusal & "Older Infant" Nursing Issues

  • Whole Food Nutrition, Herbs, Homeopathy, & Natural Remedies  

Kelsey offers a variety of appointment types/durations so please click "Book Now" to see the full list along with service pricing and availability.



Marta Vecchio LMT. Gillespie and Craniosacral therapy trained. Bodywork for babies at The Haven Allen, TX.

Provider: Marta Vecchio, LMT, CIMT
Business: Purpose Massage

Marta is trained in Craniosacral Fascial Therapy in the Gillespie Approach and CranioSacral Therapy with the Upledger Institute, as well as, lymphatic drainage, myofascial therapy, scar therapy, postpartum recovery, pregnancy massage, and reflexology.  In addition, Marta has attained specialized knowledge around TOTS through "guiding" infant frenectomy procedures, continuing education with the Breathe Institute and attending training with Michale Chatham, RN, LMT, IBCLC, OMT. Her bodywork sessions are individually crafted to attend to the needs of each client and family she serves. She firmly believes in providing hands on education during her sessions and empowering clients/parents so therapy can continue at home and optimal healing can occur.

Marta offers a variety of appointment types including: 

- Prenatal Massage/Bodywork for Treatment 

- Prenatal "Induction" Massage/Birth Attendance

- Postpartum Mom/Baby Bodywork for Recovery

- Post-Surgical Birth Recovery

- Infant Bodywork for Treatment of Oral Restrictions ("Ties")

- Infant Pre/Post Frenectomy Bodywork and "Guided" Frenectomy

- Family Bodywork Sessions 

- Bodywork for Women of all ages

To see the full list of Marta's appointment types offered, cost of services, and availability follow the link to our bookings portal.   



Provider: Annette Caceres, LMT
Business: Cura Massage Therapy

Annette's modality training includes Swedish massage, Pregnancy, deep tissue, trigger point, lymphatic drainage therapy, foot reflexology, TMJD therapy, Myofascial release and CranioSacral Therapy (CST) with the Upledger Institute.  Her favorite type of work is therapeutic massage, as it incorporates working on problem areas while allowing the body to enjoy a state of relaxation.  She also has experience in the field of Sports Massage, involving integrative muscle energy techniques and muscle activation. 

Annette offers a variety of appointment types including: 

- Full-Body Prenatal (Pregnancy) Massage for Relief of Tension and Relaxation

- Postpartum Recovery Therapeutic Massage 

- Dual Therapist "4 Hand Touch"  Collaborative Massage/Bodywork Sessions

- Advanced Adult Swedish Massage 

To see the full list of Annette's appointment types offered, cost of services, and availability follow the link to our bookings portal.   



Provider: Brigitte Martino, P.T., CST-T
Business: Brigitte Martino Wellness

Brigitte Martino is CranioSacral Therapy certified with the Upledger Institute.  IASTM certified with Graston. Brigitte began her osteopathic coursework in 1993, specializing in CranioSacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Manual Articular Approach and Zero Balancing.  Dr. John Upledger’s philosophy to learn more about the different systems in the body (including the emotional system) and how they all integrated for function, inspired her to dive deeper. Also, Jean Pierre Barral DO, PT who inspires the importance of anatomy, the ability to listen to the body and the specificity of tissue dialogue in manual therapy techniques; helping to understand the body's deeper fascial relationship of the viscera, vascular, neurological and manual articular systems gave her unlimited possibilities with her manual skills.

Brigitte draws on all her modalities of training and many years of experience to provide a uniquely, individualized therapeutic/healing session to each client she encounters. She primarily sees clients at her practice in West Plano, but joins us at The Haven for dual therapist mom/baby appointments twice a month. Her schedule remains fairly booked so please call/text if you do not see availability on the calendar and are seeking therapy. 


Pregnant women in a class.jpg
Group of cheerful women learning to take care of their babies during parenting class for y

"Birth Restored" Christian Childbirth Course
Created by Akasha Hines CBE, Doula
Taught by Kelsey Zellmer RN, IBCLC, CBE, CLC       
5 Week Hybrid Course (Meet in person weeks 1, 3, 5 and self-paced online weeks 2 & 4.)
Cost: $350
(50% deposit due upon sign-up) includes online access to course, and printed course workbook.


  • You will gain a deeper understanding of God’s design for pregnancy & birth.

  • You will know how your body was created to work and the crucial components of making the right choices early to set yourself up for success.

  • You will discern the major differences between the American Birthing Culture and a God-designed Uninterrupted Birth.

  • You will learn how to navigate common interventions and make wise decisions to avoid the US cesarean rate of 33%.

  • You will gain a deeper understanding of Biblical Theology surrounding birth, uncover the lies entwined in the American birthing culture, and learn powerful tools to work with your body to have a joyful birth experience.

Upcoming Class Dates @ The Haven:

  • Now Enrolling! Sat. 2/10, 2/24, 3/9  from 9:00a-12:00p led by Kelsey​​

Visit: for more course details or to find additional classes near you!

Breastfeeding Beginnings & Holistic Baby Care
Led by Kelsey Zellmer RN, IBCLC       Single 3hr Class       
Cost: $125 (20% Off for BR Students)

We will look at breastfeeding and baby care from a more holistic and "natural" perspective with a focus on ways to prepare for breastfeeding during pregnancy, the importance of the "First 48hrs" after birth, and baby care basics (including sleep, diapering, bathing, etc.). Class will include both paper and electronic resources as well as a "goodie bag" of essentials. Must sign-up at least 72hrs in advanced and payment is due at time of booking. 

Upcoming Class Dates:

  • Sat. 7/1 from 9:30a - 12:30p    

  • Th. 8/17 from 6:00p - 9:00p

Infant Massage for Caregivers
Led by Marta Vecchio LMT, CIMT     Single Class       Cost: $75

Marta will cover different whole body infant massage techniques during class, common symptoms that can be helped with massage, and benefits of infant massage for infant/caregiver. Each student will be provided handouts for referencing techniques used in class and a small bottle of massage oil.

Real baby not required 😊 It is helpful to bring a stuffed animal or life-sized baby doll, but we will have some available for you, if needed. Must sign-up at least 72hrs in advanced and payment is due at time of booking. 


 Upcoming Class Dates: TBD


Kharis midwifery at home birth Dallas, TX. Midwifery care for pregnancy.

Provider: Shanna Hinrichs, LM, CPM
Business: Kharis Midwifery

Kharis Midwifery's philosophy of midwifery care is rooted in knowing that your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum are normal life events. We work to form a trusting relationship with you while you are an active participant in your care and find empowerment through your experience. We are able to blend the ancient wisdom of the oldest profession with new evidence and technology of modern medicine. We tailor your experience to support the natural physiologic childbirth process – one driven by your's and your baby's innate human capacity while protecting your safety. Because of these beliefs, we are strong advocates for Vaginal Birth after Cesarean (VBAC).

We believe in providing a safe space for you and your family to become empowered through individualized care and an authentic relationship. As your midwife, we strive to support you while you decide the best options for you, your family, and your pregnancy. We provide complete prenatal, birth, and postpartum care, including standard labs. We differ in how we practice in the number of times you will see us during your postpartum period. We also believe that the "4th trimester" is a forgotten time in American culture.

We consider it an honor to serve growing families in the North Texas area through the incredible journey of the childbearing year. Our service radius is 60 miles from our office in Allen, Texas. This includes McKinney, Aubrey, Rockwall, Plano, Greenville, Garland, Dallas, Richardson, Melissa, and many other communities in North Texas. Please reach out to discuss how Kharis Midwifery can help you and your family have a pregnancy and birth on your terms.


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